March Favorites

Another month has gone by! Can you believe it?! This year is flying by… but I feel like time in general is flying ever since I became a mom. Lets jump right in. Here are some of the things we have been loving this past month.

Sweet Loren’s chocolate chip cookies – Since I’m not eating dairy and Peyton is allergic to eggs and peanuts, it’s tough to find some yummy desserts for us to splurge on. Sweet Loren’s are gluten free, vegan, nut free, and dairy free and they still taste delicious! Once I introduced Peyton to these cookies it was all down hill from there. She will randomly go to the refrigerator and say “cookie?”

Green Pan – So we were on the hunt for safer, better pans to cook with. Our Rachael Ray’s nonstick pans were getting beat up and it’s NOT good to cook on nonstick pans that have scratches in them.  Non-stick pans release toxins when overheated and we are continuously trying to eliminate toxins from our home. We switched to stainless steel and it was a disaster to say the least. There is definitely a learning curve on how to cook with those and Aaron successfully cooked chicken on them… but I tried making my pancakes the next day and they were getting ruined lol We both got frustrated and returned them! We researched and found Green Pan. They are nonstick ceramic pans. Their coating is made without PFAS, PFOA, lead or cadmium and they don’t release toxins when overheated. Feel free to click their link and check them out.

Disclosure: Although this is a sponsored post for Living Textiles, that may provide me with monetary compensation and free product, all opinions are honest and my own. I will only post about products I truly love and use. None of my opinions are ever influenced by the company I post about. 

Living Textiles – We received some items from Living Textiles this month and they are absolutely adorable! Amazing quality products and both of my babes love them!

We received a muslin jacquard blanket. It is very light, breathable and made from 100% cotton. This one has elephants on it and we love elephants in this house!



My favorite item that we received from them was Charley Fox! I fell in love with their knitted toys when I first discovered Living Textiles. I find them SO sweet and cute. I had no idea they rattled too until we opened it! He will make the perfect little companion for Weston.


The last item we received was the toddler quilted comforter. This one is part of their Sketchbook collection and the hearts are hand drawn! It’s such a beautiful design! The quality of this comforter is pretty impressive. It is SUPER soft, plush and sooo comfortable! It’s a nice sized comforter so she can grow with it as she transitions to her big girl bed. I wanted to take a cute photo to show you guys how big it actually is… but you know, toddlers, attitude .. etc. So Olaf stood in for Peyton!



If you are loving these items or any other items from their website, use code TRIEFLERTRIBE for 20% off your entire purchase! You’re gonna LOVE Living Textiles!

Visit their website by clicking here

That wraps up March! As always, let me know if you try any of these! I love to hear other’s experiences 🙂 Feel free to keep up with our family and follow me on Instagram @thetrieflertribe

One thought on “March Favorites

  1. He is getting so big and so freaking adorable, those big eyes! I love the elephant blanket, I also love elephants. The cooking pans tip couldn’t come at a better time because we also at my house have been trying to find some good non stick pans. Since we have an electrical stove top, it has not been easy at all! So, thanks a bunch for the recommendation, I will definitely check them out.


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