The Tummy Time Struggle

Disclosure: “I am a paid endorser for Tiny Love and received compensation including free product, for support of Tiny Love and its products. All opinions are honest and my own. I will only post about products I truly love and use. None of my opinions are ever influenced by the company I post about. 

Tummy time is essential for a baby’s development. They learn how to use and strengthen their head, neck and upper body muscles. Tummy time gives babies the tools they need to eventually roll over, crawl, and reach for toys. So, what happens when your baby hates it? I wondered the same thing! Peyton LOVED tummy time so this wasn’t ever a concern of mine. Weston on the other hand… it’s been a bit of a challenge!


Every time we put him on his tummy he would get frustrated or just lay there like a little lazy babe. We started tummy time from week 1 and he is JUST NOW starting to tolerate it more. Luckily he enjoyed laying on his tummy while he was on our chests so he was starting to gain some of the strength he needed. But laying flat on his tummy is a must so we had to get him to cooperate with us a little bit more!

When Tiny Love reached out to us about their new Gymini and I took a look at it, I knew we HAD to have it. I’m pretty simple when it comes to colors so this play gym was right up my alley. It just looks so sleek and doesn’t have those overly “loud” colors. Babies love looking at black and white contrasting colors, so it’s perfect. The Gymini has a toy for every sense. It has a little hedgehog that plays music, a fox that has a crinkle tail, a rattle, a cute mini mobile, and a mirror. All of these will help Weston develop the senses and hand-eye coordination he needs to reach his milestones! The mat itself has little activities for him to play with too. It has shiny ribbons for him to discover, a soft cloud for him to touch, a little star for him to teeth on, and a flap for him to look under to see the cute little bird that is hiding underneath! The flap is the perfect way to learn object permanence. It has a lot more to offer than most play gyms! I mean, look at it, it’s the cutest thing ever!


Now, all I had to do was to get him to love this gym as much as I did lol When I first put him on it he was very curious. It looked a LOT different from his other gym. I think he liked the black and white over the bolder colors. I really feel it’s less overwhelming for him. Putting him on his belly in short little bursts has helped substantially. He is able to hang out there for about 10 minutes now. He also likes to look at himself in the mirror, but who could blame him!? I’ve started to get down on my belly at his level and almost cheer him on. He seems to like it when I’m fully participating with him 🙂


If you’d like to check this play gym out for yourself or someone who is expecting, you can click this link!


One thought on “The Tummy Time Struggle

  1. I love the colors, it really is appealing to look at especially for a baby! Will keep them in mind when baby#2 comes along. Thanks for sharing!


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