Weston’s 2 Month Update!

2 sweet months with our little boy. This last month has been the most challenging month I have had since I became a mom. I’m still adjusting to putting all of my eggs into two baskets instead of one and it’s tough! I’ve been feeling all sorts of feelings and I’m not sure I have the words to articulate it all yet. Maybe it’ll flow out at some point lol

Weston was very colicky the first couple of weeks. It has since improved. No where near where I’d like him to be but we are getting there! He’s been much more alert, interactive, and smiley. He’s super sweet and it almost seems like he gets shy when I talk to him sometimes lol it’s the cutest!

Weston has been sleeping wonderfully! It was SO hard at first and I had no hope for him ever sleeping through the night but he has proved me wrong! With establishing a small little routine at night before bed, taking the newborn sleep course and utilizing those tools, he has been a great sleeper at night! He sleeps a good 5/6 hour stretch and then wakes up again in the early morning to eat. Most times he’ll go back to sleep again. It’s been a blessing. I don’t do well with exhaustion at ALL. Call me a baby or whatever but I can’t function without sleep 😬 I’m verryyyy cranky and miserable otherwise 😂

Overall, he has been doing great! He has great head control, he smiles and coos, and he loves his big sister and smiles at her. He is pretty lazy with tummy time though! He just likes to chill out there lol I think being on his belly calms him down, especially when he’s having a reflux. I have tried cutting out dairy so far. I’m not sure if it’s the reason things have slightly improved or if it’s just because he is getting older. I don’t mind avoiding dairy anymore anyway. I plan to continue to do that and I’ll add in some hidden dairy at some point and see what happens!


Age: 2 months
Weight: I haven’t checked in a while but he’s definitely over 13 pounds!
Length: No clue! We will see at his next doctors appointment.
Size (diapers, onesies, etc.): He’s still in size 1 diapers and wears 3 month clothes! Seems he’ll be growing out of 3 month clothes soon too… 😳
Eyes: Big brown eyed boy!
Hair: Dark brown
Sleeping: See above 🙌🏻😇
Eating: He is exclusively breastfed and eats around every 2 1/2 hours.
Milestones: Gaining head control, smiling, cooing, and sleeping better. He has also been sucking his hands and kicking his feet ☺️
Memorable outings: We recently went to the park as a family. Weston LOVES to be outside.
Favorite toys/activities: He loves to be in his swing and bouncy seat. He loves to eat if you couldn’t tell 😂
Words/sounds: He coos and has the sweetest little voice.
Nicknames: My handsome, Sweetness, and buggaboo.
Funny moments: Nothing too funny has happened yet!
Looking forward to: Him feeling better and being less colicky. And being even more interactive ☺️

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