Newborn Life & Photos by Cindy Lao Photography

It feels so weird to be finished with my pregnancy updates again! It is still so surreal that we even got pregnant a second time… and now Weston is here and fits into our family so perfectly. This time around, I know how FAST the newborn stage goes. To be honest, with Peyton, I was so ready for the newborn stage to end. I had a bad case of the baby blues and I was completely worn out, exhausted, and recovering from a c-section that I felt so sad about. Knowing what I do now, I’ve been savoring this stage so much more.

When Cindy reached out to me about taking Weston’s newborn pictures, I was SO excited because her work is incredible. I could tell she was super creative and talented by checking out her IG page @cindylaophotography. Getting these pictures done was priceless because I know he won’t be this little for long. Newborn photos are SO special in a completely different way. I’m excited to share them with you guys!

I want to talk about how PATIENT Cindy was during the photoshoot. As you could imagine, she has a challenging job. Newborns are unpredictable and Weston didn’t disappoint! All this baby does is eat and sleep when he’s home but he did NOT want to sleep for the entire photoshoot! This makes her job a little bit more difficult because he was a bit fussy and he doesn’t take a pacifier or bottle. Cindy was super patient and did an amazing job soothing him when he was being a little cranky pants. I tend to get MAJOR anxiety when other people handle my babies. Even when they first come out and they are being carried by nurses or doctors, I have to fight off an anxiety attack. While I was a little nervous, I trusted Cindy with Weston and if you know me, that says a LOT. Not to mention, Peyton came with us and while she did AMAZING for a while, towards the end she was getting antsy. Cindy had no problem including her in some photos and was very understanding when Peyton threw a couple temper tantrums. Why doesn’t anyone tell you the “terrible twos” start way earlier than age two?! lol If you or someone you know is looking for someone to take some photos of squishy newborn babes, she’s your lady! She is extremely easy going, friendly and we received his photos back quickly!

Here are some of our favorites from the photoshoot!

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3 thoughts on “Newborn Life & Photos by Cindy Lao Photography

  1. Sooo precious! Love all of them! And I just wanted to say soak it all in because time flies much faster this time around! I know I hated when people used to tell me that, but it’s so true. Both my girls had a great newborn photographer too and seeing along weston’s pictures makes me want to have another just so we could take more pics! 😂


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