Weston’s Birth – My VBAC Success Story

I don’t even know where to begin other than I am so over the moon to finally have my baby boy here. I am 3 days post partum and I never thought I could feel the way I do now. This birth experience was completely different and I can’t wait to write it all out so HERE IT GOES!

I’ll start with Wednesday. I went to physical therapy and had acupressure done. From my previous midwife appointment the week before, I was already 3 cm dilated, 50% effaced, and Weston’s head was at a 0 station so he was getting ready to arrive any day! Contractions started that night but weren’t consistent. The next day, I had my midwife appointment. They checked again and I was still at a 3 but 90% effaced. We went home and I started having irregular contractions all day long. They got to a point where they were getting uncomfortable so we decided that it was time to head down to Boca once again. My midwife was very confident that I was in early labor. Luckily, Aaron and I were able to put Peyton down to sleep for the night. I was bawling my eyes out because I felt in my heart that I was putting her to sleep for the last time before we brought her brother home. My in laws came over and Aaron and I left the house for the last time without our little boy.

When we got to the hospital, at around 10:30 p.m. my contractions slowed, of course. I was still admitted and the night was only getting started. We waited a while and I started bouncing on my ball and walking around and things started picking up again. My parents decided to start heading down south, my midwife arrived at the hospital, and my doula was there shortly after. While Aaron got some last minute sleep in, my doula and I started walking the halls. Contractions started getting more regular and more painful. I was dilated to about a 4 now. (Side note: I will say that I am the WORST with cervical checks. I can hardly get through them). I decided to get into the labor tub that we rented which was SO worth it. It really helped.

I have to say, having a doula was invaluable. My AMAZING doula, Lisa Raynor, was absolutely incredible. I could NOT have done this without her. She knew exactly what to do for each contraction and her hip squeeze technique is on point. It helped SO SO much. Not only was she there for physical support, her emotional support and knowledge helped me make decisions that I otherwise would have been so confused about. I will forever be grateful to her for all she did for us.

So, I was in there for about 3ish hours when my midwife came to check again because my contractions were clearly extremely painful and very close together. I also started feeling some pressure so I was checked again and dilated to only about 5/6ish. So it wasn’t as much progress as expected and she asked if I wanted her to break my water instead of starting a low dose pitocin. I agreed, my water was broken, and I got back in the tub. Contractions from there were excruciating. Basically my throat was sore until today, from all the screaming LOL I believe my water was broken at about 4 a.m. and by 6:30 a.m.I was completely and utterly exhausted. I was practically passing out in the tub in between contractions from laboring basically all that day and all throughout the night without any sleep. It was SO hard to keep my focus and I was really struggling. All I wanted was rest but these contractions weren’t stopping anytime soon. (Thanks Weston, for putting me in active labor in the middle of the night lol) My midwife offered to check me again and I was SO hesitant and the thought of another check, during these contractions, and having to mentally bounce back seemed impossible but I agreed. I wanted to know if I made progress… but when she was about to do it I basically freaked out. I was having horrible contractions, I was completely exhausted to the point that I wasn’t even making sense to myself, and mentally, the checks do not go well for me. I NEEDED to keep a positive and strong mindset and that wasn’t going to happen. I had to make a choice at that point. The anesthesiologist wasn’t going to be available until after 8:30 a.m. The thought of not having any sleep since the previous day and eventually having to push really didn’t sit well with me. As much as I wanted to do this naturally, the circumstances weren’t in my favor and I agreed to get the epidural.

I felt a teeny bit defeated, I’m not going to lie. I wanted the natural birth experience. It seemed like everyone in the room understood what I wanted but also knew that I was past the point of complete and utter exhaustion from being up for 24 hours and we weren’t sure how much I progressed at this point. The epidural went super well. It was basically painless and it was an instant relief from all of those horrific contractions. My midwife came back in to see what I progressed to since I was open to the check since I was numb LOL I was at a 6 still. At this point, any feelings of defeat of getting the epidural were GONE because if I didn’t get it and I knew that I didn’t progress after ALL OF THAT PAIN and having to go through another check… it would have put me over the edge. I was so disappointed. No one gave up on me though and everyone had to help me mentally get back in the game. So I rested. It felt so good to finally relax and let my body do what it needed to do in a restful state of mind and in calm body.

They started me on a low dose pit to try to get some progression going. When I say low, I mean like at a 0.5. While I rested, my husband, midwife, doula, and birth photographer all went down to get some food. Shortly after, they were all back in the room but not because they were done eating. Weston started having heart decels during my contractions. My blood pressure was dropping. So they had me switch sides to see if that helped and it did for a little while. They stopped the pitocin to let the contractions slow down a bit and to make sure his reserve was still good. After 30 minutes, all was well, and they started the low dose pit again. They started it and my body and Weston DID NOT like that. I was having a 3 minute long contraction and he was struggling in there. I kept asking what was going on and is everything okay, but everyone was SO busy and bustling around, flipping me back and forth… I knew something was wrong. They were just about to give me terbutaline to stop the contraction but they put me on my back first and it stopped so I didn’t need the medication. They stopped the pit completely. At this point, if things continued to go this way, with no progression, it was looking like a repeat c-section. My midwife and back up OB have a very low tolerance for heart decels and their main goal is for a safe mama and baby. I knew that things weren’t looking great when my midwife sat down and explained to me that a VBAC was not a guaranteed thing and that this was a TOLAC (trial of labor after csection). My heart sank and Aaron was sitting by my head trying to make me feel better. Of course I wanted a healthy baby and for me to be okay after all of this, but I couldn’t help but feel so SAD that I did so much during this pregnancy to give myself the BEST chance at a VBAC and that this was happening the way it was.

My ANGEL of a nurse, Mary Jane, I will never forget her for as long as I live. I knew her for a few hours, but she is probably one of my favorite people ever. She was the EXACT nurse I needed for this experience. She had asked me earlier that night if I prayed. I told her no. After all of these hiccups and I was laying on my side toward Aaron, she came over to my other side and I heard her whisper in my ear “I know you don’t pray, but can I please pray over you”. I said yes, of course. She started the prayer with everyone surrounding me in the bed and it was such a calming experience. SO much so, Aaron fell asleep for a minute LOL She has such a calming voice. After she did this, things were starting to look up. It was absolutely incredible and I can honestly tell you guys, I can’t stop thinking about it.

Later on my midwife checked me and I was STILL at a 6 after all of that time!! She asked if I had any procedures done on my cervix because there seemed to be scar tissue there. I said no, because I haven’t. I have no clue what that was about. Now we knew why I wasn’t progressing. She started to massage my cervix (I didn’t feel a THING from the epidural, but I felt this, and it was a LOT of pressure. If I didn’t have the epidural and she had to do this, I would have died right there lmao). She took her hand out and said “you just went from a 6 to an 8”. ALL WAS RIGHT IN THE WORLD! That was when I knew that getting the epidural was the right choice for me. I would have continued to labor, hard, with no progression because of some issue with my cervix. This is why I am so glad I had the care that I did. Instead of just giving up and rushing this VBAC attempt into the O.R., they did everything they could for me. After that, things were going SO well. The vibe in the room changed and everyone was chatting and laughing and truly enjoying one another. I had some energy back, my positivity was back, and Aaron looked at me and said “the vibe in here has completely changed, let’s keep this going”.

We were all having blast and soon enough his head was coming out of me and it was time to push! This was my favorite part of the entire experience. We were all laughing and joking around while everyone is staring at my vagina waiting for more of his hair to come out lmao I was surrounded by Aaron and a bad ass tribe of women. My mother, my nurse MJ, my midwife Polina, my midwife Courtney, my doula Lisa, and Paulina, my birth photographer. The most amazing birth team I could have ever asked for. I can’t even begin to express how much I love each of these women and what they did for me and baby Weston. They kept us safe, they never gave up on me, they didn’t give up on him and they helped me achieve the birth experience I have always dreamed about.

I pushed for less than an hour and Weston was HERE. Born at 12:45 p.m. weighing 8 pounds 3 ounces and 20.5 inches long. He was put directly on my chest and it was the most blissful experience in the world. I was so relieved and said “WE DID IT”. The feeling in the room was incredible and I am so happy with how everything turned out. I couldn’t be more grateful to EVERYONE at Boca Regional Hospital. The most incredible staff I have ever known. Every single person is rooting for you, wants what is best for you, and takes care of you.

I do want to talk about something else. I want every woman reading this to know that you have a choice. You have a choice in how and where you want to birth, no matter if you had a previous c-section or not. You have the right to exceptional prenatal care. You have the right to NOT be traumatized by your birth/ birth team. Birth doesn’t always go exactly as planned. Mine didn’t both times. But this time, I had support, I had a fantastic birth team, and I had a voice. I feel so content and happy with my birth experience. I want every woman to feel the way I do. You deserve it!

I plan to talk about my post-partum recovery and my experience between recovering from a c-section and recovering from a VBAC. That blog will come out in a week or so after I get some more recovery time in of course. SO be on the lookout 😉

Here are some more sneak peak photos from my birth photographer Paulina Splechta. She is the most amazing photographer, birth support person, and I am so blessed to know her. I will post some more once I get them all back from her 🙂

Some of the photos are of the baby coming out of me from the side, so if you’re squeemish, you probably shouldn’t look further at birth photos!




You’ve been warned 😉







10 thoughts on “Weston’s Birth – My VBAC Success Story

  1. Way to go mama! I had acupuncture with my second pregnancy and I am so thankful I did! I wanted to go naturally a second time, but was in a weak point and gave In to an epidural. I did not like not having control of my body! If I ever have another, I would look into a doula and go natural! I’m just thankful that the end result was a precious baby! Hope you are healing well and can’t wait to hear more!


    1. Thank you so much! Yes! I went to acupuncture once during the pregnancy and it was really relaxing! Aww I wouldn’t call it giving in! You’re just as amazing with or without one ☺️ not feeling your legs is the weirdest thing though haha I thought I would regret it so much but I have 0 regrets. I knew I made the right choice for this labor. I would definitely try again though! Doula is a must! Made the pain more tolerable for sure 🙌🏻


  2. Yaaaaayyyyy! So happy you DID IT!!! Childbirth is such a beautiful thing regardless of how it happened! And I am soooooo glad you did what was best for YOU and Weston. And now you can understand why I chose to have the epidural with Everly…. knowing just how exhausting it is to get through every contraction on very little sleep. I think your decision-making was perfect. Way to go mama!


  3. Thank you for sharing this beautiful, touching and inspirational experience. After my first c-section I was told VBAC was impossible and the risks were too high, so I had a c-section for my second child 14 years ago. It broke my heart in ways I’m sure you would understand. Although, I felt blessed my babies were healthy and so was I. It’s amazing to hear how these opportunities do exist and to think you and your birthing team did not give up even towards the very end! Congratulations to you, Aaron and Peyton on this beautiful little piece of heaven. Weston is just perfect and looks like his sissy! Can’t wait to hear about #3 lol! 💙 #HappyBirthdayWeston

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so so much! Oh god, I’m not sure about a #3! Haha I totally understand how you felt. A lot of people still believe once and c section always a c section. Even some providers! That’s why we had to travel south. Not many doctors want to give anyone the chance. I knew if I was successful that I would hope to reach women who don’t realize this is an option!


  4. Such a beautiful birth story! You are a real trooper!! Thank you for sharing your experience with us and for being so honest. I tried having a natural birth also but things never work out as planned in situations like this. You have to wait to actually be in the situation and see what occurs before you can actually commit to a plan. It’s so wonderful to know that you had an amazing team of support, I think that is one of the most crucial things to have during birth. Overall you should be beyond proud of yourself and I’m glad to know you are at peace and happy with the natural course of your child birth.


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