Monthly Favorites-October: JORD Wooden Watches

Even though I get delayed with pregnancy updates, because…life, I’m going to start a “monthly favorites” blog post! There have been so many new things we have been trying out and I’d love to share our favorite products of the month with you guys! These posts will come out at the end of every month. This month is featuring only one favorite but the future posts will have multiple favorites!


If you haven’t already seen some of my posts on Instagram and Facebook, which I’m sure you have, I’ve been OBSESSED with my new JORD wooden watch. Although this blog post in particular is in partnership with JORD wooden watches, all opinions are my own and you guys know I ALWAYS stay transparent and honest with you.

I used to wear watches ALL of the time… probably since middle school! Life got busy, my watch batteries died, and I got lazy about it. That’s the honest truth. When JORD reached out to me I was SO excited because their wooden watches are super unique and absolutely stunning! My love for watches was reborn. The quality is unmatched and it’s a statement piece for sure! I haven’t left the house without it on since I received it. I love the natural wood look, as some of you may have seen in our recent redecorating in our home, so this watch is perfect for me!


Luckily, if you are loving my watch as much as I am, I am hosting a giveaway with JORD watches! By entering the giveaway, you can win $100 toward your own wooden watch! Just for entering you will receive a 10% off code to use for a limited time! With the holidays coming up, why would you not enter!? You have until 11/11/2018 to enter. Here are the links to use for the giveaway!

Giveaway Entry Link

JORD Homepage

My Watch

Men’s Watches

Women’s Watches


Luxury Wooden Watch

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