6-9 Month Baby Must Haves

Happy spring! 😊 Peyton is about to be 10 months old (😣) so it’s time for another must haves post! I was planning on doing a vlog as well, but I have decided to just do a blog post for now. Due to various reasons, we will not be vlogging weekly anymore, but we aren’t going anywhere! We will still be vlogging periodically for the time being!

So let’s get right into it!

1. Graco Pack’n’Play

We love using our pack’n’play and Peyton enjoys playing in it! From 6-9 months babies start to become more mobile. I can’t just leave her on the living room floor to play while I go start some laundry or dishes anymore. I put her in her pack’n’play, knowing she is in a safe place, and I can then go and get some things done! Now she is starting to cruise around it so she is learning to walk in there as well and it’s a soft fall if she loses her balance 😉 It’s also great to have if you travel. We love weekend getaways and we have brought it with us a few times and she sleeps in it all night.

2. Walker

She LOVES walking around the house in her walker. Did I say walking? She RUNS 😂 She has so much fun, it gets her moving, and she can explore our house!

3. Leapfrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket

I understand this technically isn’t a “must have” but this is her favorite toy! Aaron taught her how to share the fake food 😂She is learning how to put the food shapes into their spots on the little plate. She can sit and play with that for a while! It sings songs and gives directions. This will be a helpful toy for her for a while.

4. Fisher-Price Spacesaver Highchair

This highchair is awesome! It’s very easy to clean and the feeding tray is dishwasher safe. It can recline for a younger infant, sit upright for an older infant, and turns into a height adjustable booster seat for a toddler. You can’t beat that! I find the spacesavers convenient for travel also, if need be!

5. Food pouches

6-9 months is when babies start to eat more solids. I find the food pouches convenient for a quick and easy meal, especially on the go! She loves them but she’s loving real food a lot more now lol

6. Books

I put this in the birth-6 month must haves blog post but books are a must have for life! We started reading to Peyton as soon as she came home from the hospital and I’m so glad we did. She truly has a love for books and she started to learn how to turn pages VERY early. We read multiple times a day and she is now starting to choose books to read.

7. Graco Modes Stroller

This stroller is amazing. They call it modes because there are literally so many ways to use this thing! The first picture is her in the regular stroller seat and the second is when she was itty bitty and we took her on a walk with the carseat. The carseat clicks right into it’s frame, whether you want it facing you or out the other way OR you can click it right into the actual seat if you choose to use that piece. That piece also faces both ways! It has plenty of storage space and has a place to put your keys or phone. It has multiple cup holders too. It is easy to store in the trunk because it just folds in half!

Now that I wrote all of this out… I’m really wanting to do a vlog on all of our favorite things so you can actually see how everything works 😂 especially for the stroller! Let me know if you would be interested in that!

Here is the link to the birth-6 month baby must haves blog post if you’re interested in reading for a younger infant!


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