Take Out the Trash

So far, this year has been about change. I had the feeling that I needed to make some changes in my life. I wasn’t unhappy, but I wasn’t very content either. I’m still not all the way there but I am making my way! Whenever you get that feeling, you HAVE to address it or you’re just gonna blow up. I started getting frustrated because I felt obligated to do certain things. I felt surrounded by negative energy. I felt that certain things just weren’t right.

So what do I do? I take out the trash. Rid myself of all the negative. Remind myself that I have one life and I need to live it and live it as happily as I can. Surround myself with people who love me. Appreciate the simple things in life and cherish every moment I have with my family. Time is flying. Every day counts. I find something good in every single day, even if it was one of those rough ones! Honestly, Peyton makes that very easy to do. She makes my life so special. She is SO happy and she encourages me to be the same way. Who is teaching who? 😉

There is this trend out there right now about not being materialistic. “Simple living”. Which I totally get. Things don’t matter as much as the people you love and the people who love you just the same. BUT, to a certain extent. For me, things make me happy once in a while and that’s okay! I mean, really, have you gotten on the Rae Dunn train? When you see a rare item, it makes you happy! lmao We changed the atmosphere in our house (and actually broke even by selling what we had)! An even exchange for a better vibe in our home. I LOVE what we have been doing and it HAS improved my mood. Yes, those are just “materialistic” things I suppose… but sometimes you need to change your environment. You make do with the changes you CAN make where you are. I love making my house a home. It is one of my favorite things to do as a mother and wife.

We have been improving our diet. Yes, I’m small but that doesn’t mean I can’t physically feel yucky. Aaron has been feeling the same way. So what do we do? We take out the trash! We are eating more fruits and vegetables throughout the day and doing our best to change our bad eating habits. Eating yucky food is exactly that, a habit. We are slowly but surely working on that and we have already noticed some improvements! Along with our diet, we plan to go back to the gym! We used to love going to the gym. We had more energy on a daily basis and liked the way we were looking. We felt good about ourselves. We haven’t gone yet because I hurt my back doing god knows what and that put a damper on our plans but as soon as I’m 100%, we are back it!

We started a new hobby as a family by vlogging. We are documenting a day out of our week and it has been challenging but fun! We are getting out of our comfort zone, that’s for sure. These are tangible memories that Peyton will have forever. As we get better at it, we can watch ourselves improve at making videos and watch Peyton grow week to week!

So here is to positive life changes and staying true to yourself! Surround yourself with positive people. I can’t stress that enough. If you cant think of anyone in particular, you need new friends. Misery loves company, and you don’t want that type of company! We are so fortunate to have found the friends we have (we love you guys)! A support system is everything! Stay kind, stay positive, and be happy.

Here is the link to our YouTube channel! Please give us a thumbs up and subscribe!

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