10 Tips for Dealing with Baby Blues

New years resolutions have a bad reputation. People say they are going to do all of these things and then after a couple of weeks those ideas go out the window. It’s a good concept, if you keep up with it. Our family has goals that we would like to reach this year and we are going to do our best to stick to them! It helps to make a little checklist with some short term goals and slowly start checking things off. It increases your satisfaction and pushes you to keep going! I plan to post a blog on some of the goals we would like to reach as a family and some I would like to reach as an individual. One of those is helping people whenever I can, hence this blog title.

As soon as I gave birth to Peyton, the baby blues hit and they hit hard. Baby blues are different than postpartum depression so I want to emphasize that. Baby blues last a maximum of 2 weeks, if I remember correctly. PPD is more severe with thoughts of suicide or being unable to care for your new baby. If you find yourself struggling with the baby blues postpartum, here are some things I did to help overcome it!

  1. Shower every morning. Somehow, someway, figure out how to get that done. If you start the day smelling nice and feeling refreshed, your mood will get that extra boost. Believe me, it helps tremendously. Plus, everyone around you will thank you 😉
  2. Get out of the house a few times a week. I wasn’t comfortable taking Peyton out and about for a while. Too many germs 😉 So we would all get in the car and go through a drive through. I would run inside Tutti Frutti quick and grab myself some froyo while keeping her in the car with Aaron. It seems silly but just a small change of scenery helped.
  3. Invite someone over who’s company you ENJOY. Don’t say yes for someone to come visit when you really don’t want to be around them. That’s going to make your mood 100x worse. Having a good friend come and visit just to have some girl talk helped me so much! Plus, they were able to hold the baby for a little while so I could get a few things done around the house.
  4. Cry it out. I cried every single day for exactly 2 weeks. Sometimes it was over nothing. Sometimes it was from feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes it was just because she was so damn beautiful and I couldn’t believe I had my newborn daughter in my arms. It’s okay to cry and it’s normal too!
  5. Talk it out. My husband is a godsend. He dealt with SO much while I was working through all of these feelings. He would listen to me rant and cry every day. He was literally a shoulder for me to lean on. Just talking everything out and saying what I felt (out loud) helped me get through the baby blues.
  6. Start a little routine. Notice I said “little”. It’s really hard to establish a routine with a newborn. They are unpredictable! But even just doing something in the same order, like waking up, feeding her in bed, bringing her to her room to get her dressed and start the day made me feel like I had my shit together. I didn’t, but it felt like I did.
  7. Watch something funny. When you’re feeling down and out, watch your favorite comedian! Watch a funny movie. Try to snap out of those feelings and distract yourself for a bit. Laughter is the best medicine 🙂
  8. Do something to make you feel good about yourself. Let dad, your mom, your dad, or a friend spend time with the baby while you paint your nails. Go put your makeup on. Straighten or curl your hair. Do SOMETHING that makes you feel beautiful. Having my nails done always makes me feel good. Every little bit counts.
  9. Sleep when the baby sleeps. EVERYONE says this. I didn’t listen to this advice for a good week. I maybe slept 4 hours the entire 3 days I was at the hospital. I was an anxious mess and I was afraid that if I slept, something would happen to her. TRY TRY TRY to let that go, if that’s how you’re feeling. The baby will be just fine. You’ll be MORE exhausted than you need to be and your mood will reflect it. Put the baby in a safe place to sleep and take those naps!
  10. Ask for help. Don’t be a “supermom”. None of us are. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask someone you trust. You won’t look incompetent. You won’t look like you don’t know what you’re doing. Honestly, does ANYONE know what they are doing? Take the help! You may learn something new that will make your life a bit easier.

If you ever need a friend to talk to or you just need to vent, I’m always here to listen! If what you’re feeling seems to be getting out of control or lasting way too long, please do not hesitate to seek help from your doctor. It is SO important for you to be healthy, physically and mentally, for you and for your new baby ❤

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