Peyton’s Progress: 6 month update! It’s a special one!



Happy half-birthday to my baby girl! Peyton is SIX MONTHS OLD. I can’t believe I have a six month old. It seems like not too long ago we were driving to the hospital to finally meet her… but it’s also hard to remember life before her. Sometimes we forget how much of a miracle she truly is. Every time I look at her, she reminds me of how much we fought to have her. She represents my heart… my soul… and my determination when someone tells me “no”.

First, I wanted to talk about her GI issues and get that out of the way… since hopefully we won’t be talking about that too much anymore! She has been doing FANTASTIC. We put her on probiotics for about a week… she had blood in every diaper after we started it which was super odd. We stopped giving it to her and that was the LAST diaper to have blood in it! Since then, I have been eating wheat full time again AND even had bits and pieces of food with milk or soy in it and she has been doing better than ever! SUCH a relief. I am so happy she has improved so much, especially since I have continued to breastfeed her. The only thing that we are really dealing with is her eczema and we are doing our best to keep it under control! Any suggestions on treating eczema is welcomed!

We started solids with her on Thanksgiving 🙂 She has had carrots, broccoli, sweet potatoes, bananas, and pears! She absolutely LOVES sweet potatoes and pears so far. Bananas make her gag lmao We tried giving her a fresh organic banana and bananas from the jar and she hated both. She gagged for about an hour after that, she was so disgusted! Poor thing lol

Peyton has been babbling SO much. Her first “word” was “dada” of course -___- She is SO talkative and loves to listen to herself. She has the sweetest little voice! Sometimes, you can have a full on conversation with her. It’s hilarious. She has become SO friendly and smiley to almost everyone. She is such a happy, playful and silly little girl. She can be very stubborn at times though. I wonder where she gets that from? 😉 She is truly someone special and I can’t wait to see her personality come out more and more.

Age: 6 months
Weight: 15 lbs 2 ounces?
Length: I don’t remember the last measurement 😦
Size (diapers, onesies, etc.): Size 2 diapers and a mix between 3 and 6 month clothes still!
Eyes: Blue. I think they are here to stay!
Hair: Dark brown. Her white forelock is still there but very hard to see! =/
Sleeping: She still sleeps through the night and has been taking 2 naps during the day.
Eating: She eats every 2 1/2 -3 hours.
Milestones: The main ones being: She is ALMOST sitting up on her own. She can for a little while but she eventually topples over lol She had her first trip to the playground with mommy and daddy and she LOVED the swings. She tries to reach for everything! She constantly makes vowel-consonant sounds. She belly laughs and has started to finally roll over both ways!
Memorable outings: Peyton went to visit Santa Claus with her cousins!
Favorite toys/activities: She loves books, her oball, and her FAVORITE is her banana toothbrush teether! Thanks Aunt Tara ❤
Words/sounds: Dada! She pretty much says all the “gaga”, “lala” etc. noises EXCEPT for mama lmao
Nicknames: Peyt and Bunny!
Funny moments: When she starts belly laughing. It brightens up our day 🙂
Looking forward to: Her first Christmas and Hanukkah!


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