Peyton’s Progress: 5 month update


Happy November! Peyton is 5 months old today! She has made the biggest transformation this month. She is reaching so many milestones and she gets more fun by the day! I got pretty emotional last night. I don’t know how long she’s gonna want to lay on my chest before bed and I feel like she is growing up so fast. It is insane to think that just 5 months ago she was a 5 pounder… a little newborn. Now she is my big girl!

We are still dealing with the food allergy thing. Overall, her diapers have improved… even with me adding nuts and some wheat back in! Her eczema has gotten a bit more severe though. We have a game plan to try a few things before making the switch to formula, if we even make the switch. Her GI is very supportive of my decisions and all that matters is that Peyton is still thriving and she isn’t being harmed in any way. I am strongly considering making the switch though. We just have not made the final decision. I feel very proud of myself for exclusively breastfeeding her for 5 months now. Peyton and I went through many obstacles to get this breastfeeding down and it feels great to have made it this far! My original goal was AT LEAST 6 months..but if we don’t quite reach that, I will be at peace with it. We have both done very well thus far and I couldn’t be more proud of the both of us.

This month was pretty eventful! We took Peyton on her first vacation to Tampa to visit USF. Aaron and I talked about how cool it would be to bring her there and we decided to book a trip right then and there. Even though she won’t remember it, it was very special to us to bring her to the place where we grew the most as people and as a couple. Plus, USF is an absolutely beautiful campus and it was so peaceful when we went. She loved it! She did SO great staying at a hotel for the first time too!


Peyton went to her daddy’s work for a Halloween costume party and met all of his coworkers that were SO anxious to meet her! She also got to see her big cousin Nicky on Halloween and she went trick-or-treating with her other big cousins Mason and Silas. She is surrounded by boys just like I was! Which means she’ll be strong like her mama 😉 and she’ll never have boyfriends. Me and Aaron are perfectly okay with that.



Age: 5 months
Weight: 13 lbs 13 ounces
Length: Last time we checked she was a little over 2 ft tall!
Size (diapers, onesies, etc.): Size 2 diapers and a mix between 3 and 6 month clothes.
Eyes: Still blue :O
Hair: Dark brown. Her white forelock is still there but very hard to see! =/
Sleeping: She still sleeps through the night and takes little cat naps throughout the day.
Eating: She eats every 2 1/2 -3 hours.
Milestones: The main ones being: she rolls from back to tummy like a champ. She has rolled tummy to back once or twice but she really prefers to be on her tummy. She has started reaching and grabbing for things and she tries to put everyyyything in her mouth. She also LOVES to stand (assisted obviously).
Memorable outings: Her first vacation to Tampa/USF.
Favorite toys/activities: She loves her musical toy (?) don’t know what it’s called lol She still loves doing tummy time and sitting in her sit-me-up chair. Her Baby Einstein aquarium, which we call her “TV” always works if she needs to calm down a little bit and relax. It is like magic! Thank you Renee and Aunt Wendy 😉
Words/sounds: She has started “yelling” and squealing lol She loves to hear herself “talk”.
Nicknames: Peyt and Bunny!
Funny moments: She makes me laugh all day. She is a crazy, fun, sweet little girl.
Looking forward to: I would say Thanksgiving… since it is my favorite holiday… but I’m not so sure this year if I am on this diet restriction for her allergies… =/ So… I will say having her sit up unassisted so we can start going to the park!

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