Wanna know who your true friends are? Have a baby.

So many changes happen once you have a baby. Your life is completely turned upside down. Your days are filled with baby poop, spit up, and feeding ’round the clock. Before all that starts, you’re pregnant, glowing (or not) and filled with excitement… and so is everyone else around you, right? Yeah, until you actually have the baby! No. Scratch that. Until they come to your house…which is a complete mess. They see you in all of your complete and utter exhaustion, your messy bun, milk stained shirt and in the same pajamas you’ve been wearing for 3 days. They “finally” meet your precious sleepy newborn and after that… you probably won’t hear much from them again.

I really learned who my true friends (and family) were after having Peyton. It was really surprising to see all the people who suddenly just dropped off the face of the Earth. Well, “our” Earth. You know what? That’s okay. I think of it as “cleaning house”. If you would have told me that was going to happen before I had her, I probably would have been a little upset. But after you actually have your baby, you quickly realize NOTHING else matters but them. Someone doesn’t want to be in your life anymore? See ya. No sweat. I appreciate the friends and family that take the time out of their busy lives to check up on us. The ones who ask about you and the baby and you can tell they really care. Shout out to those people who take a whole 2 minutes out of their day to send a nice text to a lonely stay-at-home mom 😉

Becoming a mother has changed me so much. My husband and child are my life. With arming myself with a good education and experience with little ones, I feel a lot of confidence in my ability to parent and be the best mother I can be. I always felt like I was put on this Earth to be a mom. I think I’m pretty damn good at it. Once your baby is born, suddenly, the things that used to bother you or stress you out don’t seem that important anymore. It’s a LOT easier to cut out that lingering negativity in your life. You want to protect your child from all of that. I’ll go to great lengths to make sure that she is surrounded by positive people who love her. If that means cutting people out or not seeing certain people anymore, so be it.

In order for me not to make this blog a novel, I’m going to end it here. I’ll be doing a sort of continuance of this blog and talking about how I learned how to block out negativity and better handle my generalized anxiety 🙂


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