Peyton’s Progress: 2 month update!


Peyton is 2 months old! Last month we had a lot going on with the potential “pyloric stenosis” diagnoses. I’m happy to say that she has gotten MUCH better and she hasn’t been vomiting/spitting up nearly as much as she used to! She still has some pretty significant reflux but being on Zantac has helped her a lot. It still takes a good amount of time to be able to lay her down flat after eating but that has gotten a tad bit better too 🙂

As most of you know, Peyton was in the breech position. It is standard for breech babies to have hip ultrasounds done at around 6 weeks. Soooo we had that done. There was no dislocation or subluxation (partial dislocation) of her hips. Her “alpha” angles were a bit off but not by much. The hormone “relaxin” that women have during pregnancy can also have an effect on the baby. Relaxin loosens the muscles, ligaments, and joints so that probably didn’t help my little breech baby 😛 Her doctor is confident that her hips will resolve on their own. We will be getting a follow up ultrasound on her hips next week. Fingers crossed for improvement!

Peyton’s appointment went well! Her doctor is extremely pleased with her growth. It’s amazing how much she has changed in 2 short months. When we left the hospital, Peyton was 5 lbs 3 oz. She has gained almost 4 pounds since then. Knowing that I have been her complete source of food and nourishment, makes me very proud 🙂 She’s growing so fast! Her next doctor’s appointment is in 2 months but I will be posting another update before then 🙂


Age: 2 months
Weight: 9 pounds!
Length: 22 inches
Size (diapers, onesies, etc.): Newborn but will be growing out of those VERY soon.
Eyes: Still gray/blue
Hair: Dark brown with her white forelock 😉
Sleeping: It varies day to day, night to night. But she has been up a lot more the past couple of days and sleeping for longer stretches at night.
Eating: She is still exclusively breastfed and eats around every 2 1/2 3 hours still.
Milestones: She has very good head control, she is starting to coo, and she loves to look around an observe her surroundings!
Memorable outings: We still don’t take her out too much yet lol
Favorite toys/activities: Tummy time, cuddling on mommy and daddy’s chest, and her little monkey that came with her play gym.
Words/sounds: She grunts, coos, and whines lol
Nicknames: Peyt, honey bunny, honeybee, princess P
Funny moments: When she pooped all over my car and shot it across the road lmao
Looking forward to: More smiling and hearing her first laugh!

2 months postpartum and everything is still surreal to me. I’ll be posting a blog on what motherhood has been like after infertility very shortly. So be on the lookout 😉

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