Peyton’s Progress: 1 month check up


I’m a day late writing about Peyton’s 1 month update. Obviously things have been pretty busy around here 😉 We had our 1 month doctor’s appointment today so it works!

For the past month that Peyton has been here, she has been quite the messy baby! She projectile poops a lot and she’s also been spitting up a lot. I’m not going to even call it spitting up because it’s more of a vomit. We have had 3 episodes of slightly projectile vomiting… which by the way, is so traumatic to watch. I feel horrible when it happens. We were pretty concerned and mentioned it to the doctor and she was prescribed Zantac along with a recommendation for an ultrasound to test for “pyloric stenosis”.

Pyloric Stenosis: A condition in which the opening between the stomach and small intestine thickens. (which, in turn, causes projectile vomiting)

The doctor didn’t really think it was that because babies with pyloric stenosis tend to projectile vomit every feeding and they start failing to thrive. Peyton has been consistently gaining lots of weight, even with the vomiting. We decided to hold off on the ultrasound… until we had lots more vomit. SO we decided to just get it done.

The ultrasound went well. She was SUCH a good baby and was pretty content and stayed still for the scan and didn’t even cry 🙂 We also had to feed her while doing the scan to see the milk pass through… which was pretty cool to watch! That was another good sign too. Later on we got the results and they were a little confusing. The thickness of the pylorus was on the borderline of abnormal. I can just say now, that 2 of her doctors do not believe she has it. We do need to keep an eye on her vomiting to make sure it doesn’t get worse. We even bought a baby scale to keep track of her weight gain lol We have some good days and bad days so that is also reassuring that she doesn’t have it. With the illness, babies tend to get worse and worse pretty quickly.

On to her 1 month appointment! We spoke with one of her doctors for a while. She seemed pretty confident that Peyton just has significant acid reflux combined with a little overeating. (I don’t even want to hear anything about “you can’t overfeed a breastfed baby”… it’s a little different when you have an oversupply, a strong letdown, and a small/early baby. I won’t get into those details yet until I eventually make a blog post about our breastfeeding journey). The rest of her stats from her appointment will be in the questionnaire! 🙂


Peyton and her big cousin Nicky!

Age: 1 month
Weight: 6 pounds 15 ounces
Length: 19.5 inches (the last appointments measurement was wrong, she isn’t shrinking)
Size (diapers, onesies, etc.): Newborn
Eyes: Gray/Blue but starting to look more blue…  ???
Hair: Dark brown with her white forelock 😉
Sleeping: She sleeps most of the time but she has been awake and alert more often.
Eating: She still eats every 2 1/2 -3 hours. She has done some longer stretches at night though!
Milestones: The only new one from the last update is that she’s a lot more curious and looks around more.
Memorable outings: We took her to her poppy and grandma/nana/nanny’s house! (she doesn’t know what she wants to be called lmao)
Favorite toys/activities: She LOVES her play gym, doing tummy time, and her rock’n’play.
Words/sounds: She makes SO much noise lol She squeaks, grunts, and makes animal like noises lmao
Nicknames: Peyt, honey bunny, honeybee, princess P
Funny moments: When she attempts to sneeze and can’t lmao
Looking forward to: Social smiles!

Being a new mommy is amazing. It is still surreal to me that I actually have a daughter. I love spending my days cuddling her and just staring at her. She is the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on. I will tell you that being a new mommy is truly a blessing but it isn’t all rainbows and butterflies either. I feel like you’re expected to act like this happy, glowing new mom and that just isn’t always the case. Sure, some days I am! Other days, I am completely drained, exhausted, and sometimes just lost. You question EVERYTHING you are doing and wonder whether you are doing what is best for her at any given time. I have felt pretty helpless with the vomiting and not knowing how to help her. But I’m doing my VERY best and that’s all it takes to be a good mommy. Before you become a mom, you always hear “it will come natural to you” or “you’ll know exactly what to do”. Most of the time, that is true. Not all of the time. There are some things I have no CLUE about and that’s okay. I feel like there is so much pressure on new moms to know what to do all the time and choosing the “best” option. No matter WHAT you choose, someone is going to have some bullshit to say to you. I have learned that I need to figure out what my own instincts tell me to do and if that doesn’t work, to take advice from people who are experienced, up-to-date, and educated… not from people who have googled a few things here and there or have outdated views. What is true for some babies, isn’t true for others. It is trial and error and you’ll figure out what is best for YOUR little one ❤

3 thoughts on “Peyton’s Progress: 1 month check up

  1. I’m so sorry you guys have to go through this with Princess P 😉😉, but everything that said is spot on! It is all trial and error and you guys are rocking at being new parents! I wish I could meet her! Yeah, and I guess see you guys too…lol. Love y’all!


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