Second Trimester Must Haves

So long second trimester! It has been such a bittersweet feeling. Bitter because I know I’m about to get reeeeal uncomfortable but so sweet because I am that much closer to meeting my little girl! These are some things that I loved using during the second trimester.


Pregnancy pillow- I used the snoogle pillow every night until recently actually. I loved wrapping my body in it and it gave me some support for my back. But for some reason my hips hurt a lot less when I use a flatter pillow between my legs now lol I still figured I would mention it because that isn’t the case for everyone and it did help me for the majority of the second trimester!


Maternity leggings- I never wore leggings before I was pregnant. I know, I know, I’m probably the only woman on the planet who didn’t own a pair of leggings. Pregnancy has opened that whole new world for me and I am so glad it did. They are super comfortable for when your belly is growing and being comfortable is the ultimate goal. I actually bought some cheap leggings from walgreens lmao They don’t have the belly part to them but they are really stretchy and they are my favorite ones!


Cocoa butter lotion- I have been using this since the very beginning and my skin is always SO smooth. I know a lot of people say it may help with stretch marks, but stretch marks are genetic and nothing you do is going to prevent them if you are bound to have them so don’t try to tell me otherwise 😉 BUT it really helps with the itchy tummy that I have been getting lately!


Supportive chair- Aaron and I like to sit in our living room and watch our shows every night and snack 🙂 I gave up the couch because I got stuck on it one time when my round ligament pain was at its worst (we have a really squishy couch that you sink into). We bought the glider early and I started using that. It’s firm and allows me put my feet up. It helped out a lot with the lower back pain I was having too!


Wireless bra- Isn’t it obvious? Your body is changing and a wireless bra makes life a lot more comfortable while you’re pregnant.


Babymoon- It doesn’t have to be an extravagant trip but a little getaway was much needed. It is definitely not as fun going on vacation while you’re pregnant but we made the best of it! We wanted to go on one last trip with just the two of us before the baby comes.


Brain filter- Why? To filter out all of the obnoxious suggestions/comments people are going to make to you about your pregnancy, birth, and parenting choices 😉

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