26 week update with a silly trip to the hospital!


Let me begin by saying everything is perfectly fine! Nothing serious happened in the first place so let me just dive right in to this little funny story! For a few days I suspected a UTI again. I figured it wasn’t since I have felt that way a bunch of times throughout my pregnancy so far. It wasn’t until I started getting some back pain on one side that Aaron and I thought… hmm maybe I do have one this time. It was a weekend and past 8 o’clock so I couldn’t go to a walk-in clinic to get a urine test. We went to Walgreens and picked up an “at home UTI test”. I had no idea these even existed so if you didn’t either, now you know! Took the test and it came back positive but on the higher end of the color chart so I didn’t want to wait to get on antibiotics. Obviously I couldn’t go to the doctor on a weekend and being that it was past 8, we couldn’t go to a walk-in clinic either. So Aaron called the ER to see if we could just make a quick trip there for medicine. They told us just come in for a urine sample and a doctor can prescribe antibiotics if there is an infection. Okay great, so we go. We get there and it’s pretty empty and we check in with the guy and explain everything. Well, APPARENTLY, if you are over 24 weeks pregnant, you have to get checked in the labor and delivery department no matter what -___- I said “is that really necessary?” It’s protocol. The lady on the phone did NOT mention that so we were a little annoyed but it is what it is. The guy brought me upstairs and I was just so embarrassed lmao BUT the nurse upstairs said that SO many pregnant women come in for a UTI. One of the nurses said that an untreated UTI could cause preterm labor so I was glad I was getting checked out, even though that wasn’t a concern to us AT ALL. They HAD to hook me up to an NST monitor (non-stress test) to check on the baby even though nothing serious was happening. I just felt so silly doing all of this when all I wanted was some antibiotics! The nurse said “since you are only 25 weeks we are just looking for a healthy heart beat, nothing special”. Well, she was pleasantly surprised when Peyton was showing off all of her talents on the monitor. Other nurses came in and she was like “Look at this 25 week baby!” They were all impressed with our little busy bee which made us so happy 🙂 We were all laughing about how much she was kicking the monitor on my belly. So long story short, got a urine test which came back NEGATIVE! Apparently, leukocytes, which is what those tests look for, can be present in a healthy pregnant woman’s urine. SO, if you’re pregnant, don’t bother with those super cool at home tests 😉 We felt so stupid lmao BUT she did do a physical exam to check other things since I was still feeling some discomfort. Outcome… I guess you shouldn’t use new soaps while pregnant, fyi 😉 SO all was well. Even though I was super embarrassed, I am kinda glad we went. I am very overly cautious with this pregnancy, obviously, because I love her so much and she was very hard to conceive. I was able to talk to the nurse for a WHILE and asked a LOT of questions while I was there since I will be delivering at that hospital. The nurse was absolutely amazing and so sweet! She delivers babies too so maybe she’ll be there on Peyton’s birthday!

In other news, back pain and dizziness have been the main symptoms this week. My blood pressure is a little low so the dizziness comes from that. I have also started getting more Braxton Hicks contractions! I started getting some earlier on but now they are more noticeable. I get a few throughout the day. Just my body training for the big day 🙂 Our babymoon was pretty fun! I caught my first fish which I was super excited about lol. The trip was as good as it can be for being pregnant! But it was a nice, much needed getaway.

As for our little busy bee, she is now over 14 inches tall and weighs about 2 pounds. Most of her bodily systems and functions are intact so now she will be packing on the weight and growing taller! One cool thing that happens this week, according to my Ovia Pregnancy app, is that her eyes are opening!

How far along? 26 weeks
Total weight gain/loss? 13 almost 14 pound gain
Maternity clothes? Yes
Stretch marks? …. Found some on my hip! :O
Sleep? As good as it can be!
Best moment this week? Our babymoon!
Miss anything? Nothing I can think off right now
Movement? SO MUCH lately!
Food cravings? Sweeeeeeets, always.
Anything making you queasy or sick? No, but I have been feeling nauseous here and there
Showing yet? Yes
Gender guesses? No guess! It’s a GIRL! ❤
Belly button in or out? In still!
Wedding rings on or off? On, but a little tighter!
Happy or moody? Both as usual, but mostly moody this week.
Looking forward to? Having Peyton’s carpet installed!

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