19 week update


19 weeks! Whoo hoo! Almost half way! My little one is kicking away in there. Aaron was able to feel movement from the outside on Friday. I never thought we would be able to feel it this soon but I guess that comes with being small. I was able to catch some on video that I posted on my Instagram and Facebook 🙂

Symptoms this week have been the same. The round ligament pain has gotten so bad that I have a really hard time getting in a comfortable position before bed. Poor Aaron has to deal with me tossing and turning and complaining. That is something else that comes with being small… more stretching.

Our gender reveal bbq is next weekend! We are so excited! We have decided to find out the day before at the scan though. I know my mom isn’t very happy, (sorry mommy) because she really wanted to see our reactions but it just feels right. We think it’ll be intimate and special for just the two of us to know first. I’ve read some things that say it’s weird for the parents-to-be to know before the reveal… but I have a HUGE family. They all really care and they are all so excited too. I can’t wait to see their faces 🙂

Baby is the size of …3 different things according to my 3 apps. A mango, a zucchini, or a tomato. Who the heck knows? BUT they all say baby is about 6 inches long and weighing about a half a pound! Baby is developing “vernix caseosa” this week. It moisturizes the skin so that it is protected from the amniotic fluid. The arms and legs are in proportion with the body now!

Since I won’t be blogging until after the gender reveal, I figured I’d give some fun “old wives tale” results so you can take a guess!

  1. Heart rate – girl (greater than 140)
  2. Carrying  – boy (I think low?)
  3. Ring test- boy (moved back and forth)
  4. Acne – girl (my skin sucks)
  5. Cravings – girl (sweets)
  6. Mood – girl (more cranky)
  7. Chinese Calendar – girl
  8. Dreams – both
  9. Clumsy vs. Graceful – boy (clumsy)
  10. Morning sickness – boy (none)
  11. Feet – boy (colder)
  12. Baking soda test – girl (no reaction)
  13. Dad gaining weight? – girl (gainin 😉
  14. Mayan Calendar –boy 

8 girl and 7 boy!

How far along? 19 weeks
Total weight gain/loss? A little less than 1 pound gain this week
Maternity clothes? Getting some this weekend!
Stretch marks? No
Sleep? Not so great =/
Best moment this week? Hmmm
Miss anything? No
Movement? Plenty!
Food cravings? Sweets
Anything making you queasy or sick? No
Showing yet? Yes
Gender guesses? Boy for me. Girl for Aaron (This won’t change)
Belly button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody? Both
Looking forward to? The reveal bbq!

3 thoughts on “19 week update

  1. Dear MIchelle: I know you really don’t know me but because of your Mom and seeing you a couple of times I was thrilled to tag you after you put your “feelings” here. I think you are the person to teach all girls your age what life is all about. Your parents raised one FINE girl and so did your husband’s family. You are both stars and I am so happy you are having a little girl. Lots of luck always. Marsha Clancy


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