17 week update


Another week gone. 17 weeks today! 3 more weeks until we find out the sex of the baby 🙂 We are getting so excited! We have been talking about how we want to reveal, but nothing is set in stone yet. We are having a hard time deciding if we want to know first or not. I really didn’t want to… but it just seems so hard to do without just doing a cake. I also don’t trust anyone in my family to help out and not spill the beans to anyone lol We have some time to think about it though.

My appointment went well on Friday! I asked all of my questions and got answers. I guess with the fatigue, it is normal even throughout the whole pregnancy. Although, it has gotten much better this week! The out of breath thing was no concern to the doctor. She kind of just said it was “one of those things”. She checked my oxygen just in case and it was perfect, so all good there! She said the heart beat sounded great which made me so happy! I love hearing it ❤ She didn’t mention my weight at all, but I would have really liked to have gained more by now. Hopefully that will pick up soon… my appetite sure has so we will see!

My skin has gotten pretty bad. Lots of breakouts 😦 I definitely do NOT have the “pregnancy glow” but whatever, it’s all worth it! On a positive note, I have definitely been feeling flutters this week! I feel it mostly at night and after I eat. It’s still very light but I can tell that it is the squirmy baby in there! It makes things a bit more real. I also have the worst pregnancy brain lately. I am SO forgetful! I’m clumsy sometimes too. Aaron thinks it’s hilarious -_- I am pretty sure Nala can sense that I am pregnant. She’s a pretty independent dog and lays around on her own but she has been wanting to sleep near me. She also lays her head on my tummy sometimes. So cuuuuteeeee!

The pregnancy pillow is great! My friend Emily let me borrow hers and it’s so comfy to cuddle with. I do have to use my own pillow for my head because it is just way too hard for me to sleep on. I don’t know how people do it! I tend to grind and clench my teeth at night so sleeping on a pillow with good support for my head and neck is really important for me. If not, I’ll get a migraine. (I have a mouth guard to help with that but it only does so much)

Baby is about 5 inches long now and weighs about 5 ounces! If the baby is a girl, she is already producing eggs in her ovaries… which is just absolutely insane to think about! The senses are getting more developed too! Sight, smell, sound and touch 🙂 Alsoooo the baby is getting fingerprints this week! This is why I love pregnancy apps. You learn so much about the person growing inside of you on a weekly basis… it is truly incredible.

How far along? 17 weeks
Total weight gain/loss? Nothing different 😦
Maternity clothes? Just my belly band when I wear jeans!
Stretch marks? No
Sleep? A little better than last week!
Best moment this week? Knowing I felt the baby squirm 🙂
Miss anything? Nope
Movement? Flutters!
Food cravings? I finally got some banana bread! So, nothing new since then!
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope
Showing yet? Yes, a little bit.
Gender guesses? Boy for me. Girl for Aaron (This won’t change)
Belly button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody? A little more cranky this week!
Looking forward to? Finding out the sex in 3 weeks!

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