First Trimester Must Haves

Now that the first trimester is complete, I wanted to do a “must haves” blog. These will be the things that got me through the tough times and things that were just NEEDED. Right now, I need a nap but I have to stop procrastinating and just finish this blog (obviously I’m still tired -__- ).

1. Prenatal vitamins – This one seems obvious but it’s the most important. During the first trimester, eating healthy is hard… at least for me it was. Whether it’s because you’re nauseous, not in the mood for ANYTHING, or just have no appetite, a prenatal vitamin will make sure you aren’t deficient in any of the important vitamins. I was originally on the Honest Company prenatal but it didn’t have the DHA in it. I had to take it separately and you have to take 2 of those a day for the Honest Company… UGH.  Plus, the prenatals were like horse pills and it just got too annoying. I must say, it does smell nice and tastes like vanilla. I was put on a prescription prenatal instead that is an all in one pill. MUCH easier. I also recommend taking them at night. I always remember to take it because it is right next to my bed. You can sleep through any potential side effects like fishy burps from the DHA or nausea from the iron.

2. Crackers – I kept crackers next to my bed because I would wake up in the middle of the night STARVING. Instead of having to get up and go out to the kitchen and waking myself up more, I would just eat a few crackers and go back to sleep. I didn’t get much nausea, but obviously crackers would help with that too throughout the day.

3. TUMS – I live on tums. Sometimes, the things you used to eat with no problem do NOT sit well in your stomach anymore. For me, that’s pizza and tacos. I won’t even touch tacos anymore because I felt extra crappy after eating them. As for pizza, I don’t have it often but when I do I immediately take some tums afterwards. It helps me a lot.

4. Sweatpants – Sweatpants are always my best friend. Even though you don’t show much at first, you can experience a lot of bloating, which I did. Wearing jeans are really uncomfortable. Being in comfortable clothes can make you feel so much better.

5. Chapstick – I’m not sure what the reason is, but my lips have been more dry/chapped since I’ve been pregnant. So chapstick is a must have for me!

6. Water – Water. Water. Water. If you have a husband or significant other like mine, he will get on you about how much water you’re drinking every day (he even bought me a Camelbak water bottle for Christmas so I could keep track). As annoyed as I get sometimes, it really is important. You don’t want to get dehydrated. Staying hydrated in pregnancy helps with cramping, nausea, and dizziness!

7. Pregnancy books/apps – These are MUCH better than google. You don’t read constant negativity. Books and pregnancy apps tell you FACTS. It’s also exciting to see the new changes that will be going on with your body and your baby weekly. I use the “What to Expect” app but only for the videos that they show on a weekly basis. They have some good articles on there too but they also have forums, which is a no no for me. “Ovia Pregnancy” is my favorite. They have videos as well and a really cute “actual size” hand. It’s hard to explain so I’ll post a picture below. They also have a medication safety list, a food safety list, and a “symptoms look up” that I find extremely helpful.

8. Support system – Whether it’s your family or friends or just one person you can talk to… having someone there makes the experience a lot easier. You’re gonna wanna complain, vent, or just be excited with someone. Your hormones are crazy and sometimes it makes you act a little crazy and you have a lot on your mind. Having someone there you can count on and who will listen will make life a lot easier for you. Getting things off my chest helps with the anxiety and worry. Hopefully, that person can lift you up and make you feel better 🙂

Here is the babies hand for week 14 in comparison to what it would be like at 9 months.





I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

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