A Perfectly Imperfect Man

In the midst of all the pregnancy updates, I thought it would be nice to do a nice “little” blog post about the man who has been taking such great care of me. I’m probably going to sound like a crazy bragging wife but I don’t really care. He deserves every second of it.

Most of you know our love story. I’m not going into details in this blog but maybe I’ll do one in the future about it. Summary is, Aaron and I were best friends for a couple years before we fell in love. Our friendship built such a strong foundation for a relationship. There was no “getting to know him”. I already knew him. He is still very similar to how he was when I first met him. He is always there for anyone who needs him. He’s intelligent and hard working. He is super goofy and makes me laugh on a daily basis. He is so kind and generous… almost to a fault. Sometimes I feel people don’t deserve it. But that’s Aaron. I have never seen or heard him belittle someone or disrespect another human being. He is gentle and sweet with everyone. He is such a people person. He’ll talk to anyone out in public and help anyone in need. He’s the guy the holds the door open for people. He’s the guy that helps a struggling woman or man carry their bags to their car. He’s the guy that “pays it forward” at the drive through. He doesn’t like to argue and never raises his voice (unless he’s in the car and someone cuts him off). Even then, I laugh because it is so funny to see him mad because he NEVER gets mad. He is so resilient to stress and pretty much handles everything that is thrown at him. He is very family-oriented and that is SO important to me. He isn’t perfect. He is extremely forgetful, for one LOL. He has a hard time expressing his feelings. Sometimes he bottles things up, as men do, and waits for things to really get to him. Of course, there have been times where he felt like giving up but with a hard kick in the ass by his wife, that never happened. Don’t let the kind exterior fool you. He’s one of the strongest men I know. I know he could kick someone’s ass if he had to. I’ve watched him stand up to a guy … wayyy bigger than him … that was flirting with me at a college party. He protects me, stands up for me, and I always feel safe right in his arms.

Since I’ve been pregnant, he has had to step up a little more than normal. He is SO patient with me. Well… at least he acts like it. I’m sure he wants to scream once in a while because I’m annoying af but hey, he married me! When I get one of my migraines, he stays up and takes care of me until I fall asleep. He rubs my legs and back when they are cramping, even though he may fall asleep in the middle of it sometimes 🙂 He knows when to give me a hug when I need one and when to stay the heck away when I don’t want to be near anyone.

I stand by him through thick and thin. I’m very protective over him. If anyone is rude or disrespectful to him or if I feel he is being wronged in any way, they are gonna know it. To me, he never deserves it. Sometimes Aaron tries too hard to see the good in people. That’s what I’m here for 😉 I give him pedicures and my mother-in-law thinks I’m nuts. You probably would too if you saw what I’m working with (lmao jk Aaron). I love him more than anything in this world. We are there for each other and have a wonderful marriage. I’m extremely lucky to have found a good man like Aaron. Wouldn’t you agree?

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