Finding Out About Baby Treef


I haven’t blogged since before the hurricane hit because we were so busy with that and Aaron’s work travel. Obviously a lot has happened since then. We decided to start painting the outside of our house, all by ourselves, in the Florida heat, the day after the hurricane. Meanwhile, at the same time, a little baby was making its way into my uterus and chose me to be it’s mommy and I had no idea. We found out on October 12th at 4 a.m. I have been having to pee SO much more lately and even woke up in the middle of the night (I never woke up to pee, ever). So I had a strange feeling because of that and because I was a day late… and I am NEVER late. I’m like clockwork. I decided to take a test. Aaron woke up with me and we sat in the bathroom, waited, looked at the test and it looked negative. The longer we sat there and wondered, the darker that second line became. We were in complete shock and we stared at it for a while. We hugged each other tight and we were so elated. Aaron was somehow able to fall back asleep. He could sleep standing up at any point in the day honestly. But there was NO WAY I was sleeping after that. I stared at that test stick until 7 a.m. wondering… is this really happening? It can’t be. I took another test, because I was in such denial, and it was unmistakable. Definitely pregnant.

Telling our parents was so nerve-wracking but so exciting. Later that night we drove to my parents house. We walked in the house as usual and my dad was sitting outside in the screen room and my mom was inside. I had her come out there and she thought I brought food (lmao) My dad was sitting with his computer with his glasses on. My mom came out and said “what?”. My heart was pounding and it’s actually pounding right now reliving it. All I said was “we just wanted to stop by and see how Nanny and Pop are doing?” My dad laughed, thinking I was just making fun of him for having his glasses on and my mom stood there with her mouth open and just stared for a while. I said “Mom, I’m pregnant”. She started screaming and saying “Oh my god! Are you really!?” jumping up and down, hands flailing and all. My dad jumped out of his seat “Are you kiddin me!? Get the f@#% out of here!” (that’s my dad’s NY language for excitement) That was followed by a lot of hugs and even more tears of complete joy. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. I am an only child and my parents only hope for a grandchild. I am excited to give them that.

We then went to Aaron’s parents house. We walked in casually, as usual. They had just finished eating dinner. Aaron blurts out “Oh you ate already? We brought a bun in the oven!”. Aaron’s mom threw her hands in the air screaming “WHOOO HOOOO” (funniest thing ever) while Aaron’s dad stood in the kitchen in shock (similar to my mom’s initial reaction) and came over and hugged us both with tears in his eyes. Bob and I hugged and we wondered who’s heart was beating faster, mine or his. I think mine LOL They were so overjoyed and excited.

Finding out we were expecting was the most fun, exciting, and nerve-wracking day of our lives. I still can’t believe I am creating a small person who is going to be half of me and half of Aaron. So in other words, I’m making the best human ever 😉

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